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The games I have designed

Here are some of my games . If you have any question or want more informations about a game please contact me (and please forgive my poor english)

Games published
(click on the pictures for more informations)

Mafia de Cuba Revolucion
Ladies & Gentlemen

And also...

Games designed by my pupills
from Aurignac primary school during year 2010-2011

My websites about Boîte à jeux
a free online games portal where I often play (my pseudo : lynkowsky) and have organized a few tournaments.

finstere flure leagues (2 and 7 players) - Da Vice Cup - Multi-game championship - Tzaar tournament

Bajletters : n°1 (april 2007) ; n°2 (may 2007) ; n°3 (june-july 2007) ; n°4 (august-september 2007)